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Verona. Profumeria Narciso. Espresso Martini

Verona. Profumeria Narciso. Espresso Martini

Gourmande Jayne version after many attempts at home…

Note* Add the coffee last.

Shake the mixture if you want that creamy looking top


In advance

  1. Chill your Martini glasses (2)

  2. Make 100 ml sugar syrup.

  3. 50 ml water. 100 ml filtered water. Boil. Allow to completely cool

  4. Get out your cocktail  shaker

  5. Add 1 Tbs of cold sugar syrup

  6. Handful of frappe ( crushed ice) 100 ml of vodka, 50 ml Kahlua

  7. Shake like mad

  8. Add the coffee last and shake a bit more

  9. Strain into martini glasses and garnish with 3 coffee beans

I almost missed my train after this and then almost missed my stop. Drink this when you are out for the night in a bar or at home. Not on the move!

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