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June - Gardening

June - Gardening

Gourmand Jayne - Lifestyle - Pale Pink Tulips
When choosing bulbs to plant (next late autumn), choose the right ones because it means a full complement of re growth the following year. Good performers are Ballerina, Apeldoorn and Spring Green. Do your research. I tend to pick a colour scheme. Pale pink, deep purple, green and ivory suits my garden. Be generous and plant the bulbs close together for a real show stopper.
Once the season is over, lift and store the bulbs. Clean off the soil, discard any damaged bulbs and leave to dry. Store in a tray or net bag in a warm, dark, well ventilated area at 18-20 C (65-68 F) before replanting the following autumn months.
It’s always lovely to have cut flowers available for your home, like the pale pink Camellias.
Linda Jayne
Gourmand Jayne - Lifestyle - cut flowers

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