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A bespoke 500 ml bottle, an off spring of our Ormonde Jayne Eau de Parfum bottle, a handsome and smart statement piece. Not only can the aroma scent your home when not in residence but every room can declare its only individuality. Ta’if, full of romance, an opulent composition both sophisticated and seductive, goes without saying is for the bedroom.

Rose oil, orange flower and freesia.




– Use 9 reeds for optimum yield. 12 are included to strengthen the projection depending on the size of the space you are intending to fill

– Turn reeds on a weekly or 2 weekly rotation

– 500ml offered in the full product

– Longevity – 3+ months (when reeds are entered note that aprox 150ml will be absorbed this is normal to ensure the area is fragranced)

– Bottles can hold 650ml should the client wish

– Formulation, 30% perfumed oil, 30% oil, 40% denatured alcohol to allow the oil to travel up the reeds (testing)

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